What Is Revenge Travel?

What Is Revenge Travel?

There are lots of reasons people decide to take vacations. Sometimes it's for a special occasion, like a honeymoon. Other times, it might be to get away with your loved ones. But one lesser-explored type of travel is revenge travel.

But what is it? We've got the info you need.

Let's go through what revenge travel is and why it's important for vacation rental owners.

What Is Revenge Travel?

Revenge travel refers to the phenomenon where individuals, after a period of restricted travel or being unable to travel, undertake trips to make up for lost opportunities.

Restrictions that may lead to revenge travel can vary. They could include factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, government-imposed lockdowns, travel bans, natural disasters, political unrest, or any situation that limits travel options.

They may even be specific to individuals. People who suffer from severe illnesses may engage in revenge travel once they've recovered.

During these restrictive periods, people often dream and plan for future trips, eagerly anticipating the time when they can explore new vacation destinations, visit loved ones, or simply enjoy a change of scenery.

Once the restrictions are eased, people jump at the opportunity to travel. This surge in travel activity can lead to an increase in bookings for airlines, hotels, vacation rentals, and other travel-related services.

Why Should Owners of Vacation Rental Properties Care?

Revenge travel is a great thing to monetize in a relatively post-COVID era.

Revenge travel results in a surge in travel demand as people seek to make up for missed trips. This heightened demand means more potential guests looking for accommodations, presenting an excellent opportunity for vacation rental property owners to boost bookings and revenue.

During revenge travel, travelers may be more willing to splurge on vacation rental properties, opting for longer stays or higher-end vacation rentals.

This can lead to increased booking rates and higher revenue for property owners. Just make sure you check out the top tips for success.

Travelers engaging in revenge travel after COVID-19 often look for extended stays to fully enjoy their trip and explore their destination in depth.

Vacation rental properties, offering a home-like experience, are particularly attractive for longer stays, providing owners with the chance to secure more extensive bookings.

Owners can use the revenge travel trend to their advantage by leveraging marketing and promotional efforts. Tailored marketing campaigns, special deals, and attractive packages can attract travelers eager to make the most of their post-restriction travels.

By offering exceptional service and a memorable experience during revenge travel, owners can encourage repeat bookings. Satisfied guests are more likely to return for future trips and recommend the vacation rental to others, leading to sustained business growth.

Monetize for Revenge Travel Today

Clearly, catering to revenge travel can be good for business. Now that you understand it, you can start catering to revenge travelers with your business.

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